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EMA Company wins ‘Distributor of the Year’ award

Dallas, Texas, March 2017

During the annual Global Solutions meeting of Paris Presents Incorporated, EMA Company BV won the Distributor of the Year award out of 27 international markets. The award is given to the most innovative and active distributor of Paris Presents worldwide.

Jennifer Bayon, Vice President, International Sales of Paris Presents gave the award to EMA Company BV for the companies active business approach. ‘We are very proud to receive this award. It is nice to see that we can make a difference and that we get acknowledgement for it’, said Elles Derksen, Founder/Owner of EMA Company BV.

About Paris Presents Incorporated
Paris Presents is a global, privately held company that creates and distributes beauty products and personal care accessories that elevate the beauty experience for women (Real Techniques & Ecotools a.o.).